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Growing up in London, art and creation were always a passion for Byron. After succeeding at a distinguished London school, he followed up his creative interests with a BA honours degree in animation. His path took an unexpected turn when he met his wife whilst travelling around the world. She was a Dane named Lone. They met on the big island of Hawaii and fell in love. They now live in Denmark with their three children; Owen, Eden, and Willow. Working from London and Denmark, Byron produces art in subjects that have a personal interest to him. He hopes to continue creating original work and achieve success as an artist.



“If you were to ask me what style my work is, I couldn’t give a concrete answer. Being an independant artist gives you the ultimate freedom of expression, and defining any style would be at odds with this concept. When I come up with an idea, the final image is fully formed in my head, and it is a matter of reaching that image. Of course, along the way the work adapts itself and throws up some happy accidents. Every work is a journey. My current portfolio contains lots of bold and colourful paintings from nature, but this has not been wholly intentional, and many of my future ideas are in a range of styles, subjects and media”.



-Byron Højer Attwell



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