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One- off unique painting

No prints or reproductions

Comes with a personal guarantee from myself

UV Varnished



This painting was a lot of fun to do. Bright, bold, and painted with an energy and playfulness that is exemplified through the simplistic lines. For someone who loves history, art and architecture, the city of London is a playground for me. And St Pauls Cathedral, deep in the heart of London, is my favourite building in the city. I grew up with pictures of St Pauls rising above the smoke of the Blitz bombings during World war 2. Standing on Ludgate hill, at the highest point of the city of London, St Paul’s Cathedral is the guardian of London.


Oil on Canvas



90cm x 70cm


This painting is available to buy

Send a message below if you wish to discuss the purchase of this piece of art. Please add artwork name under subject 

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