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Wooden Empire

Britain; the colonial power; Once built upon a wooden fleet that controlled the seas. Further grown through the trade of tea. Then, reaching its peak with the metal might of the industrial revolution. This piece will be all about texture, grit and richness. The materials used reflect the legacy of the British Empire. I have taken reclaimed wood, carefully sized and cut it to the proportions of the British flag. I am in the process of giving it some beautiful texture with a bespoke sander. The wood will then be aged with a combination of tea followed by an iron solution. Once all is sorted the wood will get a rustic dry brushing of the red, white and blue – burnt out to give a feel of the ancient. The Union Jack has become a pop icon image in itself. The distinctive form and colours are instantly recognizable. What is maybe less known is the strict proportions of the British flag and that it has an up/down side.

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