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I'm Back!

It's been a while since my last update. The last thing I wrote was around the time of the summer exhibition in Kolding. My wife gave birth to our third child, Willow, and I took a little break. Since then, I have concentrated on slowly finding time to produce work and barely managing to update my instagram account.

Despite being quiet, it has been a busy time. On the back of the Kolding exhibtion I had another exhibition at the wonderful headquarters of HK Syd Jylland, which proved successful for me. There have been new pieces come and gone, which I will get around to posting. I did an exciting commission piece (see picture), which I hope to go into more depth about in the next update coming soon. And there have been exhibitions in Vejen and Bække. I am filled with new ideas and I hope you will see some exciting things from me in 2019. Currently my work is up at Brørup Sundhedscenter. Check out the links and I'll be back with more soon:

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